DECEMBER 15th is the last opportunity to provide comments to the city in this stage of the East Area Plan process.

Denver East Neighborhoods First has an online survey posted. Please SIGN AND SHARE with your friends and neighbors. CLICK HERE

We have put together a Denver East Neighborhoods First Fact Sheet that outlines the topics of the plan. Please review.

After we met with city planners and shared our concerns about the East Area Plan, the planners requested that we provide them with recommendations about how to improve the plan. On Thursday, October 25, we provided preliminary recommendations, based on the feedback we've received from neighbors so far. These are only preliminary recommendations, as there are many in our neighborhoods who are still learning about the plan. If you have a specific recommendation, please send it our way! We will do our best to synthesize all feedback and present the dominant views about the plan to the city. You can view the preliminary Denver East Neighborhoods First Recommendations here.


The East Area Plan
• 20 year Neighborhood Plan
• 5 Neighborhoods in East Denver, 4.55 miles and more than 30,000 residents
• Upzoning up to 8 story high rises along all BRT stations
• Centers around Colfax Ave.
• Calls for increased density from 13th-17th Ave.
• Steering Committee has met 1/mos. for 2 years 6-8pm (48 hrs)
• No planned open space or park lands

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Bus Rapid Transit
• From Colfax to Yosemite Ave.
• Adds no additional RTD routes
• $50m slated from GO Bond
• Needs additional $150m of funding
• RTD Fares highest in the Nation, Streetblog Denver
• RTD ridership is decreasing, Streetsblog Denver
• Could be 10 yrs. away, Denver Post article

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Community Planning and Development's Oct 29th meeting HAS BEEN POSTPONED.


Elizabeth Weigle
Senior City Planner

Community in the News

Time is of the Essence. We need action!

Despite this 20 year neighborhood plan having been well underway way for 2 years, the Steering Committee has only spent about 48 hrs on a complex Neighborhood Plan which will recommend drastic changes, changing the quality of life for more than 30,000+ residents in 5 neighborhoods.

We are asking that you:
1. Attend the East Area Plan meetings!
2. Share the plan information with your neighbors and friends! We are happy to drop off flyers or email you a copy.
3. Post a yard sign, and more than 300 are already in the neighborhoods! We are asking for a $15 donation to cover printing costs or if you can contribute more for those that cannot afford one but want to support the effort.
4. Email Denver City Planner Elizabeth Weigle AND our representatives so your comments on are record. (Sample letter here.)
D8 Councilman Chris Herndon at christopher.herndon@denvergov.org
D5 Councilwoman Amanda Sawyer at Amanda.Sawyer@denvergov.org
At-Large Councilwoman Debbie Ortega at
At-Large Councilwoman Robin Kniech at
City Planner Curt Upton at
yard sign

Join the Mailing List

Stay current with meetings and news!

Email us at denvereastneighborhoodsfirst@gmail.com for a yard sign. We are asking for a $15 donation to cover print costs and additional donations go towards covering the website and flyer costs.