Denver East Neighborhoods First

This is a grassroots movement. Our mission is to educate and inform residents in the East Area and get them interested in the Neighborhood Planing process. We have and will continue to canvass all of the neighborhoods affected. We recognize each community has different needs but feel all should have a voice.

Who We Are:

Five women from Park Hill and Mayfair started "Denver East Neighborhoods First" in early July after seeing a need to inform the public. We have jobs, kids, pets, significant others, and other commitments in our lives. In two months, dozens of East Area residents have joined to support in all capacities. We are not affiliated with any business or industry that will benefit from the East Area Plan, or be harmed from it. We are all residents who care about our neighborhoods and saw a need to inform the public about aspects of this plan in regards to proposed upzoning, density and development. We all want responsible growth with community input.

This GRASSROOTS movement seeks to raise awareness of certain aspects of the plan, including:

Developer-first mentality for established residential neighborhoods and the failure to inform and ensure community concerns are addressed during planning. (The future heights/upzoning map was just unveiled in June, under the radar of the general public.)

Additional density, 5 to 8 stories of building heights at Bus Rapid Transit stations. 3 to 5 Stories is already allowed along Colfax, why should we upzone when developers have not maximized what is currently there?

Rezoning single family homes into multi unit and ADU tenant buildings between 13th Ave and 17th Ave from Colorado and Quebec. This will triple the density and there are no requirement for primary residence, owner occupy or adequate monitoring of short term rentals currently.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in all residential neighborhoods without any character or design standards.

8 story high-rises at the Mayfair Town center, Colorado and Quebec, Colfax and Yosemite AND upzoning to 12 story high-rises at Colfax and Colorado Blvd.

Loss of an East and West car lanes on Colfax to support RTD Bus Rapid Transit will mean traffic moves to 13th, 14th, 17th and Montview and side streets.

Significant density around Bus Rapid Transit Stations on Colfax and Colorado, Elm, Hudson, Krameria, Monaco, Quebec and Yosemite.

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