4 thoughts on “August Flyer”

  1. There are enough other areas in Denver (looking at all the long-abandoned factories and parking lots I can see along the A line east of 40th & Blake) that seem to me more readily available and easily convertible to close-in housing than it would be to tear down to relocate existing businesses along E Colfax in order to create high-density low-income housing units. Why should Colfax absorb so much additional density when there are areas of the city with almost no available housing at all due to abandoned businesses?

  2. I just learned about this effort and couldn’t agree more with your sentiment. We live near 11th and Jersey. If this plan went through we’d have even more fast and dangerous traffic down our street and a high-rise would be looming over our once sleepy neighborhood. Thanks for putting together a resistance! I’ll be attending future meetings with the city. Do you know who I might bother to get one of the signs I’m seeing around the neighborhood?

  3. I am completely against the rezoning between Montview Blvd and 23rdAvenue, Colorado Blvd to Bellaire St.. If they change the zoning in this area from Single Unit to High Density, all the beautiful houses will end up as high rise apartments. I believe it will change the character of Park Hill not to mention that these houses were the first ones built in Park Hill, the first suburb of Denver. We need to protect this area because of its historic value to the City of Denver.

  4. This proposal is reckless and negligent. It devalues the homeowners equity to reward the developers. You want to develop east Colfax…. incentivize the removal of run down motels and used car lots. Mixed use no more than 3 stories along Colfax only. Upzoning in to a TU district is insane. It will all be ugly duplexes. High rises are already permitted at 9-co. It’s not open and Colorado is a parking lot at rush hour. No traffic studies I’m sure. Everyone will take the 40 and 15 / 15L. I’ll sell pepper spray at the bus stops. This passes, we sue!

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