Balanced Development

The Elitch Gardens Development aka River Mile will be 60+ acres of downtown urban development. According to an article in Denverite, it will house 15,000 and many of the buildings will be up to 59 floors.

Why is the East Area Plans, comprised of 4.55 acres of stable residential neighborhoods being asked to absorb 4,500 people?

River Mile will only be absorbing 250 people per acre and the East Area will be asked to absorb 989 people per acre. How is this equitable planning?

Downtown development should be the most dense. High-rises belong downtown where there is property available to scrape, plan infrastructure, live/work/play, and many public transportation options.

Build out the Main Street 3 to 5 stories that are already allowed along Colfax before asking stable neighborhoods to absorb 3 times as much as brand new developments in the city center.