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MAYOR HANCOCK’S PLANS FOR THE CITY   Mayor Hancock’s  determination to move forward with development . See how he views the role of government is for the City of Denver. (He discusses bus lanes starting at around 7:20, and housing density at 16:45.) In this interview he tells  Kyle Clark what he plans for Denver.  

DEMOGRAPHICS OF TRANSPLANTS TO DENVER   Largest group moving to Denver in 2014 were the millennials ( 23-38 ) and their demographics. 52 % of the people who moved to Denver were between the ages of 23-38 . Median income was 40k – possibly held back by early career salaries and service industry workers. Colorado millennials are 69% white, 5% BLACK, 4.3% Asian, 22.8% Hispanic  

HOUSING STOCK IN 80220 ON OCTOBER 22, 2019    The median home value in Denver is about $490,000.00 according to 9 News on October 22, 2019. In the zip code 80220, the range for home prices is from $200,000.0 to 1.1 million dollars