Neighbors are concerned about how the East Area Plan recommendations will affect them…

Where can I find out more information?

Visit the city’s East Area Plan website and direct your questions to City Planners, City Council and the Steering Committee. A sample form letter is available here.

Why is this plan important?

This plan is important because it is a roadmap for development in your neighborhood for the next 20 years. How does the rezoning or upzoning work? When a developer or anyone seeks to change the zoning for a specific parcel, they will refer to this “Neighborhood Plan” document when approaching the city and pleading their case. The re-zoning application was updated 5/2018 to reflect the ability to literally check a box to indicate which city “plan” recommends density and development. * Denver CPD Rezoning Guide see page 2

What will happen to the traffic in my neighborhoods?

There has been significant increase in traffic, especially along residential side streets with development east. With the closure of 2 auto lanes on Colfax from the BRT we can expect more traffic to move into the neighborhood to avoid congestion on Colfax.

Where is the upzoning happening?

Upzoning is slated for Bus Rapid Transit stops along Colfax, which are:
Colorado Blvd. – the plan recommends up to 12 stories
Eudora St. – the plan recommends up to 5 stories
Hudson St. – the plan recommends up to 5 stories
Krameria St. – the plan recommends up to 8 stories
Monaco Pkwy – the plan recommends up to 5 stories
Quebec St. – the plan recommends up to 8 stories
Uinta St. (and Tamarac St.) – the plan recommends up to 5 stories
Quebec St. – the plan recommends up to 8 stories

How the value of my home be affected?

We are looking into data but from what we have heard this far, the homes located nearest to the high rises could be negatively affected due to the view and noise. Increased and late night traffic may also be a negative that turns potential home buyers off and could impact values of these homes.

With ADUs and split homes being introduced at the same time, how will the character of my neighborhood remain?

ADU stands for Accessory Dwelling Unit or granny flat or mother-law apartment. While the transformation of a garage or basement into a ADU can help create affordable housing options, we have also seen applications for 3 car garages with large apartments be submitted. The city will need to create regulations to outline what is allowable including scale, size, bulk plane, etc. in order for the character of the neighborhoods to be preserved.