Here's what you can do!

Send a letter [sample here] to City Planners and City Council. They are responsible for taking your comments and answering your questions.

CPD Interim Director Evelyn Baker -
City Planner Curt Upton -
City Planner Elizabeth Weigle - Elizabeth.Weigle@denvergov.orgCounci District 5 l Amanda Sawyer - 
Council District 8 Chris Herndon -
Council At-Large Debbie Ortega -
Council At-Large Robin Kniech -
Please CC

Email us to get a yard sign, we have almost 300 posted in the East Area. We are asking for a $15 donation to cover costs and all additional contributions goes towards website and flyer printing.

Educate your friends and neighbors about the East Area Plan. Send them an email and/or flyer your block. We can help with identifying areas that have not been reached so send us an email.

Sign up to our mailing list to current on East Area Plan meetings and conversations.